The Xenon FF-Primes were custom designed to be versatile enough to work with several cameras and accessories.

So whether it is which type of the camera is used, these compact lenses provide 4K (4096 × 2304 pixels) resolution and cover also the full 43.3 mm image circle usable on Canon 5D and Sony A7 cameras.

These lenses offer you the highest image quality with an easy-using and with a robust design to withstand the vicissitudes of the daily-using.
Each compact lens offers an all new optical and mechanical design for outstanding operation and performance as well as rugged reliability. Engineered for compatibility with industry standard cine-style accessories like follow focus rings and matte boxes, the Xenon FF-Primes feature identical external dimensions and positioning of focus and gear rings in each focal length. To accommodate filters and other accessories, each lens has a 100 mm front diameter and a standard 95 mm thread.