Smoke Machine (little)
Smoke Machine
Wind Reel EFX Varibeam
Inverter 12/220V 600w
Inverter 12/220V 2kw
Inverter 220V/110V 800w
Inverter 220V/110V 500w
Ladder Small
Ladder Middle
Ladder High
Telescopic Hanger with Universal Head
Eye Coupler With 28mm Bushing
Chain vice grip
Column & Tree Lighting Support
Doughty Clamp
Gobo Head 2-1/2″”
Gobo Head 4-1/2″”
Short Gobo Arm
Long Gobo Arm
Action Clamp
Barrel Clamp
Big Ben Clamp
Spigot 16mm
Spigot Adapter 32mm>16mm
Drop Celling Hanger
Flex Arm
Baby Plate
Junior Plate
Umbrella for Lighting and Camera
Poly Fork
Styropol b./w.
Magic-Arm /w. Clamp
Super Clamp
Big Crocko
Cardellini/Matt Clamp
ARRI Clamp
Pelican Clamp
Light Hook
Safety + A30
Metal Pipe for Stands (ext. ad.)
Master Tent
Rope (10m)