Dear Partners,

In order to minimize the risk of 2019-nCoV virus infection, in order to make our services secure, we have implemented the following measures from 7 September 2020 in the entire area of the VisionTeam, VideoAssist and Special Grip Hungary premises.
  • It is forbidden to drive into the area by car!
  • Guests arriving on foot we register at the entrance gate with a facial recognition camera, making identify later easier, and after body temperature was measured and a statement was completed in conection with the symptoms of the virus-induced disease, each visitor will receive an entry card. The card shows the name of the warehouse the visitor is authorized to enter.
  • The  visitors who arrive at any warehouse for gear check or a test is only entitled to enter that warehouse with the card provided. Personal discussions with the dispatchers and arranging other office matters are not possible in the offices until these provisions are in force.
  • It is no longer possible to pass into the VisionTeam studio from the Pallag Street entrance, it is only accessible through the studio’s gate, just as isn’t available to cross into the warehouses from the stage area.
  • In the various tests (camera, lamp, video, grip) only the personnel operating the structures to be tested (eg.: focus puller, headlight, video, key grip) and the D.O.P can be present, only at the venue of the test or there, where the entry cards allowed.
  • At the moment for an indefinite period of time, we are not able to provide room for rehearsals, make-up or dress tests, and the screening and viewing rooms are closed. Production meetings and discussions can be held only on a pre-agreed way with our dispatchers, on a pre-agreed place and time. 
  • Until the uploading and downloading, we can only accept that professional personnel, who operating the equipment in the concerned production.
  • We ask you to plan with the extra time according due to the minimization of personal contacts (there can only be one production staff in the warehouses at a time) and the disinfection of the equipment!
  • Compliance with the measures shall be monitored by the staff guarding and, in the event of non-compliance, the person may be expelled from the area of the lot or refused future access.
  • Before each work and after each return, our devices are disinfected with UV lamps in the tents set up for this purpose in our warehouses.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask covering both, the nose and mouth, throughout the area, and we ask if possible that you keep a protective distance at least 1.5 meters from the other person! We recommend using of external hand sanitizers as well as the frequent soapy hand washing.
It is only possible to enter and stay on the area if the above measures are strictly observed.
Please do not enter the area if you have any symptoms of 2019-nCov virus infection!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and responsible behavior!